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    Bruker-microCT formerly known as SkyScan is a fast growing company and one of the world's leading producers of micro-CT systems for a wide range of applications. Bruker-microCT aims to bring to customers the newest technology, the best instrument quality and the highest level of support.

Bruker-microCT can genuinely claim to be at the fore-front of the development of high performance micro-CT technology. Our research and development of 3D x-ray microscopy started in the early 1980s. This led to the first micro-CT imaging results being obtained in 1983-1987 and published in scientific journals and international conferences proceedings. Building on this early work, Bruker-microCT was founded in 1996, and within a year we were manufacturing a commercially available micro-CT scanner with spatial resolution in the micron range. In 2001 we produced the first high-resolution in vivo micro-CT scanner for small animal imaging. And in 2005 Bruker-microCTbecame the world's only supplier of a laboratory nano-CT scanner with submicron spatial resolution. Responding to demand from the growing community of micro-CT users, we are continually active in research and development into new methods for non-destructive 3D microscopy.



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