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The 2018 annual Bruker microCT User Meeting took place in the ‘Aula Academica’ in Ghent from 16 till 19 of April. We had over 100 participants from different countries at the meeting this year, and more than 70 high quality scientific contributions were submitted. We thank all the presenters and participants for their great contribution.

J. Nijkamp, L. Ploeger

Towards online surgical margin assessment using micro-CT in breast tumors

I.V. Yakimchuk, I.V. Safonov, E.P. Serkova, V.Yu. Evstefeeva, D.A. Korobkov

Ceramic Proppant Microstructure Characterization by X-Ray Microtomography

F. Westhauser, B. Reible, M. Hoellig; G. Schmidmaier; A. Moghaddam

A method for direct correlation of 2D-micro-computed tomography datasets onto histomorphometric slides to achieve quantification of 3D osteoid volume in bone substitutes.

Frederik J. S. Doerr, Alastair J. Florence

XRT: Extraction of Quantitative Structural Descriptors from Solid Pharmaceutical Products

M. Candás, G. Díaz-Agras, Ó. García-Álvarez, V. Urgorri

Study of the applicability of micro-CT for identification of Mollusca Solenogastres

P. Karimipour-Fard, W. Y. Pao, G. Rizvi, R. Pop-Iliev

The Use of Microcomputed Tomography to Evaluate Integral-Skin Cellular Polyolefin Composites

T.M.P. Santos, R.T. Lopes

Methodology to analyze gap dental copings using tridimensional parameters

N. Nestle, A. Šandor, B. Bruchmann, T. Speck, F. Gallenmüller, S. Poppinga

Fossilized but functional – Tomographic insights into nature’s most resilient actuators

Sergi Llambrich Ferré, Jens Wouters, Neus Martínez-Abadías, Greetje Vande Velde

There is more than bone in your head: How to visualize both skull and brain with a single micro-CT acquisition

C.Dullin, J. Albers

Free propagation phase contrast in classical microCT improves image quality especially in weakly absorbing specimens

Monika Dabrowska, Cecilia Mazzeo, Angela Green, Emma Siragher, Catherine Tudor, hris Lelliott, Tim Mohun, Antonella Galli

Exploring MicroCT and its potential to visualise and score a phenotype in neonatal mouse models.

B. Botz, T. Kiss, A. Horváth, K. Bölcskei, É. Borbély, A. Mócsai, T.T. Glant, T. Rauch, E. Pintér, Zs. Helyes

Investigation of bone microarchitectural changes in mouse models of rheumatoid arthritis

G. van Dalen, S.A. Kooij

Micro-CT imaging and analysis of the fragmentation of Prince Rupert’s glass drops

Maxime Nachit, Isabelle Leclercq, Greetje Vande Velde

Have you been to the gym lately? Micro-CT-based study of skeletal muscle and fat characteristics in a mouse model of chronic liver disease.

Kaat Dekoster, Sofie Van Den Broucke, Tatjana Decaesteker, Nathalie Berghen, Anton Krouglov, Jens Wouters, Rik Lories, Peter Hoet, Jeroen Vanoirbeek, Greetje Vande Velde

Using in vivo μCT for longitudinal evaluation of silicainduced pulmonary fibrosis in mouse lungs

S. Shrestha, K. Chou

Porosity Analysis in Metal Additive Manufacturing by Micro-CT

Behzad Javaheri, Andrew A Pitsillides

4D exploration of the mechanostat: is it time to move on?

E. L’Hôital, A. Rajyaguru, C. Wittebroodt, S. Savoye

Precipitate characterization and modeling in low permeability porous media

D. Shepherd, J. Shepherd, M. Clark, L. Peck, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron

Exploring Exoskeletons of the Cold Using Micro CT

Ł. Skarżyński, J. Tejchman

Determination of the fracture phenomenon during deformation process using X-ray micro-CT

Mikko A.J. Finnilä, Goncalo Barreto, Sami Kauppinen, Giulia Morgese, Simo Saarakkala, David Fercher, Sandro Botter, Marcy Zenoby-Wong, Heikki J. Nieminen

Contrast enhanced micro-computed tomography imaging of joint degradation in osteoarthritis rat models

Arnold Wilbers, Jennifer Schillings, Ander Biguri, Joachim Loos

Application of iterative reconstruction algorithms in Fiber Reinforced porosity determination

A.V.Zubova, A.M.Kulkov

Some methodological issues of endostructural analysis of the deciduous lower second molars from the upper Paleolithic sites of the East European plain and Siberia.

A.Parrilli, N.Sancisi, G.Marchiori, M.Berni, L.Luzi, R. Calzoni, M. Conconi, G. Cassiolas, N.F. Lopomo

Structural-mechanical characterization of human ligaments using a custom-made tensile test chamber combined with the Skyscan1176 system

Sylvie Chevallier, Anne-Laure Réguerre, Alain Le Bail, Guy Della Valle

Benchtop and synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography to determine the cellular structure of cereal food foams

Sheen Gurrib, Serena Best, Ruth Cameron

Investigation of the 3D vascular network in vertebral end-plates of mature sheep using micro-CT

A.Khomyak, D.Korost, A.Ariskin

Studies of the morphology and distribution of sulfide phases by methods of the computer tomography (as applied to the rock from the Yoko-Dovyren layered massive)

A, A, Felder, M.Doube

Emerging measures of local geometry in trabecular bone: case studies of intertrabecular angle distributions

A.V. Koromyslova, A.V. Pakhnevich, S.O. Martha

Summary of micro-CT studies on Late Cretaceous bryozoans

Javier Alba-Tercedor, Ignacio Alba-Alejandre, and Fernando E. Vega

Micro-CT unveils the secret life of the coffee berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei; Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Scolytinae) inside coffee berries

A.L. Jacobsen, R.B. Pratt, A.M. Davidson

Quantification of ancient and modern wood microstructure using microCT

J.H. Shepherd, E.S. Vriend, S.M. Best, R.E. Cameron

Analysis of structurally variable lyophilized collagen scaffolds for cell sieving using micro-CT

F. Spoutil, V. Novosadova, K. Fejdarova, F. Malinka, B. Piavaux, J. Prochazka

MicroCT for high throughput phenotyping: perspectives and obstacles

A. Grießer, R. Westerteiger, C. Wagner, H. Hagen, A. Wiegmann

Machine Learning-based segmentation of individual Fibers in Micro-CT Scans with GeoDict

J. Goyens

MicroCT visualization of the membranous labyrinth

B. Leszczyński, E. Kubicz, A. Wróbel, K. Dulski, P. Moskal, G. Grudzień, E. Stępień, R. Pędrys

Cardiac myxoma investigation using micro-CT

A.M.Kulkov, M.A.Kulkova

Assessment of archaeological ceramics porosity by m-CT analysis.

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