high-throughput micro-CT

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High throughput in-vivo micro-CT
  - full body mouse scan in 40-45 seconds,
  - fast cluster reconstruction simultaneous with scanning,
  - interchangeable bed holder to combine with PET, SPECT, and bioluminescence,
  - integrated physiological monitoring (breathing, movement detection, ECG) and gating,
  - software for 2D/3D image analysis, bone morphometry and realistic visualization.

The SkyScan 1178 is a fast micro-CT scanner with a scanning + reconstruction cycle of less than one minute for the entire volume. Static object position facilitates in-vivo scanning of laboratory animals and industrial applications, such as quality control and process monitoring. Networked cluster reconstruction allows generation of datasets in less than the scan time, and the whole scan-reconstruction cycle time can be less than one minute. Animal beds for rats and mice made of carbon fiber are supplied on an interchangeable holder to combine with PET, SPECT, and bioluminescence. A physiological monitoring subsystem can measure breathing and heartbeat in real time while also providing signals for gated acquisition. The full range of SkyScan software is supplied, including fast volumetric reconstruction, software for 2D / 3D quantitative analysis and for realistic 3D visualization.

Application examples:

Available software updates:
Control software for SkyScan-1178


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X-ray source .................. sealed metal-ceramic tubes 20-65kV, 40W

  X-ray detector ................ digital X-ray camera 1280x1024 pixels, 12bit  
  Scanning volume ........... 82mm diam., 82mm single scan length, 200mm full scan length  
  Voxel size (isotropic) .... 80Ám (1024x1024x1024) or 160Ám (512x512x512pixels)  
  Min. scanning time ........ less than 45s (160Ám), 3min 20s (80Ám) for entire volume  
  Reconstruction time ..... 45s (160Ám), 3min (80Ám) for entire volume during acquisition  
  Gating ............................ breathing, heartbeat (more about physiological monitoring>)  
  Radiation safety ........... <1ÁSv / h at any point on the instrument surface during scan  
 1272 hi-resolution
 1173 high-energy  
 1174 compact
 1176 in-vivo
 2211 nano-ct
 2140 micro-XRF
 micro-CT for SEM
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